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Tamás Vásáry: Etude #3 in E, Op 10/3, Ct 16, “Tristesse”

ArtistTamás Vásáry
TitleChopin: Etude #3 In E, Op. 10/3, CT 16, "Tristesse"
AlbumChopin: Piano Works

☯..::††~f☮ll☮w f☮r m☮re s☮ft j☮hnny~††::..☯



☯..::††~f☮ll☮w f☮r m☮re s☮ft j☮hnny~††::..☯


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Here is a recording of me playing one of my favourite classical pieces of all time.

Poulenc’s Oboe Sonata Mvt. 1, performed by me on Soprano Saxophone.


ArtistJamie W

I think my favourite thing about Orange Is The New Black is that it fades to orange at the end of episodes.

Improvised floor lamp for a musician (me) who does not yet own one :P

Improvised floor lamp for a musician (me) who does not yet own one :P

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TitleI'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight
AlbumNo Line On The Horizon

cinnamoncinder asked: Order the tracks on Arctic Monkeys' "AM" from favorite to least favorite. (And ask this of me as well, as this has become not only my fav Monkeys album by a country mile, but one of my all-time favorite albums, period. I'll do Life Pursuit later tonight!)

Chuck asked this like 5+ months ago and I think it’s about time I answer.  It is a question that will definitely take some figuring out, because so many of the songs on this CD live in that 8.5-9.5/10 range for me.  Ok here it goes… (this may be a very contentious listing, and it definitely is not the same ordering that I would have answered when you originally asked.)

1.  R U Mine?  (I’m shallow, ok.  This song has been out longer than any other AM studio recording and I still enjoy it just as much as the first time I heard it.  That’s gotta count for something, doesn’t it?)

2.  Arabella (Excellent, excellent rock and roll.  Also I adore how they go into War Pigs briefly when performing it live, I picked up on the Sabbath musical quote/similarity first time I listened to it.)

3.  Snap Out Of It (This was my favourite track on the record for a long period of time.  I may just be in a Snap Out Of It slump at the moment, I feel this could easily regain #1 at some point in time.)

4.  Mad Sounds

5.  Knee Socks (I first typed Knee Cocks by complete accident.)

6.  Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High? (Major props to Miley Cyrus though for a proper cover.)

7.  No. 1 Party Anthem

8.  Do I Wanna Know (It’s killing me to have this tune so low because I do really like it.  Like lyrics from this one go through my head periodically and randomly.  It’s a catchy ass single.)

9.  Fireside (This is basically dead even with One For The Road but I had to pick one to go first, and this is Mac’s favourite on the album so that swayed me, lol.)

10.  One For The Road

11.  I Want It All

12.  I Wanna Be Yours (The only song on AM that I actively dislike, this song has absolutely no musical arc to it, which sometimes makes the cut with an upbeat catchier song, but I really don’t enjoy listening to this one.  And I just realized it’s the 3rd shortest on the record which is shocking to me, it feels a lot longer.)

The guitar part from Knee Socks has been going through my head on loop for like the past 4 hours this needs to stop


cinnamoncinder asked: If you could have dinner with any five U.S. presidents, who would you choose, and why?

You’re probably expecting like, 1.  Lincoln, 2. Washington, 3. FDR very influential much importance, etc etc but no.  I want this dinner to be super awkward.  So lets have like…

1.  Obama

2.  George W Bush

3.  Reagan

4.  Clinton

5.  Washington or Teddy Roosevelt, I can’t decide.


cinnamoncinder asked: If you could have dinner with any five classical composers, who would you choose, and why?

1.  Poulenc - because I’d try to trick him into playing me some piano songs because his piano compositions are some of my favourites.  Also he was in the process of writing wind sonatas when he passed away and I think he had plans on writing a saxophone sonata so that’d be cool to talk about.

2.  Michael Torke - because he has synesthesia which I’m sure is awful but it’s fascinating and many of his compositions are named after the colors he sees, idk I think he’d be cool to talk to, also a lot of his music is very modern yet pop classical which is 100% Jamie’s aesthetic.  (He wrote that octet I played on my senior recital.)

3.  Mozart - because he’d probably be a punk ass kid and try to play tricks on the people sitting around us so that’d be fun.

4.  Bach - can’t not include Bach.  

5.  Liszt - because he was like way too cool for school and I feel like he would have a very interesting almost like play-boy persona that would be way fun to witness.  Also, of course, he wrote fucking awesome music.

Honorable mentions:  Beethoven, Arvo Pärt, John Cage (actually in hindsight, I probably would have put him on the list but I don’t feel like going back and editing my choices.), Frederic Chopin, and Johnny Greenwood (Does this count?  Since he’s not primarily a classical composer but he does classically compose.), Eric Whitacre (also, in hindsight, I should have put him at the top of the list since 1 he’s actually still alive and 2 he’s rockstar cool and does all those virtual choir thingies.)


headstronghummingbird asked: If you could keep any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

I kinda want a hedgehog to be honest and I would name it Arco. Though are they social creatures I’m not sure I actually end up feeling really bad for small pets because all they do is sit around all day

Ok I rented this Xbox 360 game from the library where Frederic Chopin is the main character (I know, wtf, right?) and everything is named with music terms like there are cities called Forte and Tenuto and Baroque and characters called Polka and Beat and Allegretto but like even when Chopin attacks his attack is clumped in groups of 4 and it goes down left right up like a conducting pattern. Oh and his special attack is “Piú Grave” enough said.

Also the game is broken up into “chapters” and each chapter corresponds with a piece that Chopin wrote and every chapter there’s like a slideshow of pictures while the piece plays and it gives historical context (hell yeah for exposing people to classical piano and music history) about his life when he wrote the piece, and the the game’s storyline/plot subtly echoes Chopin’s actual life during the composition period of the chapter’s musical work like everything about this game is brilliant.


headstronghummingbird asked: I appreciate your mini rant and agree with what you said about the concept of "dancer" as mentioned in the lyric, but I must ask again: are you human, or are you dancer? :)

Hahahahahaah ummm, both?? I’m definitely human but when I’m at a good concert or seeing a band I love, I definitely turn into dancer though probably not a good one I just kinda flail around and hop on one foot


headstronghummingbird asked: Are you more interested in piercings or tattoos?

If anything I’d get a tattoo I don’t personally care for piercings (I like them on other people but they’re not for me) if I got a tattoo I’d get a song lyric on my shoulder like Dominic Monaghan has “Living is easy with eyes closed” from Strawberry Fields but I’m not sure I’d ever be able to properly decide on the right lyric to get tattoo’d.